Mystic Alice Thing
Mystic Alice Thing
Mystic Alice Thing

Mystic Alice Thing

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This is a work in progress page for a work in progress product. Nothing here is final.

The Mystic Thing is an unnamed Alice-style board, based off of the Arisu. This project started as a way to make the Alice layout more accessible for new builders, and as a way to bring down the cost. 

This is a kit product. You will need to solder the sockets, diodes, and controller. A build guide will be available, and is targeted for new builders. 


  • Full hot swap
  • Standalone Elite-C controller
  • Fully programmable via QMK
  • Open source case design (PCB files in the future)

The basic kit will include everything you need to build a working board - just add switches and caps!

Case options (in order of price) :

  • FR4 sandwich case (included with kit)
  • Acrylic sandwich case
  • Acrylic layer case

Visit the Discord server if you have any questions or comments - this project is built on community feedback; it still needs a name!