Lily58 Pro Encoder Kit

Lily58 Pro Encoder Kit

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This kit contains everything you'll need to build a Lily58 Pro with an encoder on your own.

Kit includes: 

  • PCBs (One encoder PCB, one regular PCB) with black solder mask and silver contacts
  • Switch plates
  • Bottom plates
  • MX hotswap sockets
  • Diodes
  • Pro-micros
  • OLED screens
  • TRRS jacks
  • Reset buttons
  • LED strips
  • Screws and standoffs
  • Encoder and knob
  • OLED covers

You'll need to provide switches, keycaps, a TRRS cable, and USB cable

This kit requires intermediate soldering skills - most components are SMD. It does not come pre-assembled. 

Note 1: There is no warranty on kit parts. I'll do my best to make a situation right, but I can't guarantee refunds or replacements for any part of a kit. If you damage the kit during assembly, contact me via Discord, and I'll send you a discount code for your next order.