Thanks for visiting my website!

As a preface, I'm a full time college student running this as a one-man operation. I do my best to stand behind my products, as well maintain as much transparency as possible. I started this as a response to a sentiment that I regularly saw in the community - there are a lot of unique boards available, but they cost too much, require soldering experience (and tools), or require sourcing parts from several places, often times around the world. My goal is to offer niche designs at a reasonable price point, innovate on them where possible, and walk buyers through the purchasing process, even if it is their first time getting a custom board.

I open-source everything I do - my modified PCBs and 3D printed cases are available for download for free. I'd like to ask that you don't resell them; if I shut down my operation, I'll change the license, but for the time being, they're only for personal use.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please feel free to contact me via my Discord server. If you have a question involving order status, billing information, shipping address, or just don't feel comfortable asking in the public, you can also feel free to PM me on Discord (MysticMixles#4276). For reference, my reddit username is MysticMixles - don't listen to anyone else claiming to be me!